The Tailless Cub


Leola is a happy tiger cub who one day realizes she is not like everyone else. She struggles to understand; until one day she meets someone who helps her to see things differently.



This book provides such an inspirational story, and can delight readers of all ages. It helps us to understand the importance of shifting from negative to positive thinking, that any aspect of our life can be seen as either a disappointment or a joy. This book captures and communicates the message that we don’t have to feel deficient in any way. An important lesson for all is contained in this “tale”, especially for the younger audience for whom this book is written.

Henry H Ihling, Amazon customer



Everyone is different in some way. This wonderful story let’s kids know that it alright to be different. Help your child to embrace others who are not like them by providing stories like this one. My 5-year-old niece loves this book and it has allowed us to have important conversations about always being kind. This book is a must for schools, libraries, and your child’s bookshelf

Kerri Messinger, Amazon customer:


Dawn Sipos lives on a farm in Frenchtown, New Jersey, with her husband Gabe. Dawn finds inspiration from God, her family, and the great outdoors.


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