Positive thinkers are unquestionably the happiest people on this earth. Regardless of the situation, their mood is unchanging. It is always on the light and bright side. With all our worries in the world, is it possible to be like them? Are they luckier and richer than we are?  Most probably not. These are ordinary citizens who have an extraordinary way of viewing life.  Maybe it is time to change our attitude and imitate theirs. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to ultimately banish all pain and misery and live a life devoid of anxiety?

A proclivity for seeing the glass as half-full is the common factor among all happy beings.  And as we can obviously witness the glass as such despite literally seeing it as half-empty initially, there is no doubt we can be trained to view things at a different angle in a short span of time. The secret is believing in the notion that there is actually no good or bad, as opposed to what we were taught in kindergarten. For instance, if a guy rode a horse, fell off it, and broke his leg, we might mistake it for something negative. Of course, the busted leg, not to mention the pain, would immediately make us dread the situation. But what if the very next day, he received a letter requiring him to serve his country by fighting in a war far from home?  Evidently, being in no condition to fight, he would be detrimental to the army in combat.  Hence, he will be given permission to decline, resulting in his staying put, safe and sound.  Wouldn’t the fall be considered good then? Just like this, everything in life depends on the situation at a particular time. We cannot go around labeling events as good or bad.  Having said this, whenever something “bad” happens to us, we must instead wonder what worse obstacle might have occurred in its place which our angel saved us from.

What we give out to the world will be returned to us. Some people call it karma. Others prefer to trust that positive energy is a magnet that attracts the same. We all live in one planet. It is just makes perfect sense that we take care of it together. United, we shall save our ailing nature. Besides, we have an added bonus of getting back the positive energy that we give out. A silent prayer we wish for an abused child we see on social media accounts is one way of reaching out to our brothers and sisters. Recycling a piece of paper one day at a time means saving the trees which will in turn reward us with oxygen. Treating our environment with respect benefits everyone. It induces happiness to do so, knowing we have helped mankind, including our unborn grandchildren’s children.

One surefire way of guaranteeing happiness is doing something which we are passionate about. Once we have discovered what this is, putting our heart and soul into it will be as easy as breathing. With something so exciting to look forward to, there is no time to think about anything else, as our minds are so preoccupied by thoughts of pursuing this new hobby.  Generally, people who indulge in at least one thing they are crazy about get to concentrate only on the present moment. They don’t worry about the future, nor regret about the past because there is simply no time. Being absorbed in a particular passion forces our attention to focus only on the NOW. Whether this pastime is painting, tennis, or diving, it is a great idea to get heavily involved in it not only because we love it, but also since it makes us forget our troubles.

Changing our perspective is the key to achieving pure joy. The events that take place in our lives will continue to occur whether we are happy or not. They don’t need our permission to happen. They just do. So, when certain circumstances come about, we opt to either accept them willingly, or make a fuss about every little inconvenience we encounter. The choice is ours.

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