The dictionary defines normal as “conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.”  Does this mean that if we deviate a tiny bit from the conventional, we can already be accused of being weird? It is interesting to note, though, that there is no clear border between normalcy and bizarreness. Where do we draw the line? There are also some who are a mixture of both. But let’s face it. Famous inventors and celebrities are mostly weird people whose unusual habits, interests, and beliefs are what led them to success. To what do they attribute their life achievements? Let’s just say it has a lot to do with their eccentricities.

A common encouragement in the workplace during a brainstorming session is to think outside the box. Employees are prompted to think of ways which haven’t been suggested before.  Unsurprisingly, this is where our strange colleague excels, because for him, there is no box!  He probably did not understand the instructions at the start. His creative method of arriving at solutions is always off the beaten path. Normal people, on the other hand, frequently don’t stray beyond what has been tried and tested. They actually don’t know how to go outside the box because they have stayed inside for years. They are quite attached to their uncontroversial notions which are devoid of any trace of creativeness. As a result, they become ignorant of new unconventional ways. But in the event that they are actually aware of these, it is not easy for them to adapt since they are generally judgmental of anything that goes above and beyond what is customary. More often than not, they label novelty as “wrong” or “bad” due to their lack of ability to accommodate new ideas which deviate from their accustomed pattern. On the contrary, the weirdos possess an open mind, so their perpetual growth helps them advance in whatever field sparks their interest.

Another factor which contributes to the stagnant nature of the average human being is the immutable quality of just obeying orders without thinking. They believe that rules are there for everyone to follow. The weird, however, question every rule which they think is unreasonable. They decide which ones are to be followed, broken, or ignored. Their minds are always working, curious about every why and how. And, after much deliberation and speculation, when they have finally reached a decision, they are steadfast in their beliefs.  There is no swaying nor faltering. They remain firm in their convictions and would be willing to argue to death regardless of how small they are in number compared to the opposition. This is why they are oftentimes the leaders of movements, fighting for freedom or rights.  Occasionally, they succeed in this path and become included in history books, thanked by thousands of adoring countrymen. But most of them rot in jail or are just frowned upon by society who see them as rebels, destroying the peace and unity of a nation. Nevertheless, their courage and persistence have made our lives much easier today. In addition to that, there are the scientists who were humiliated by society before their famous discoveries earned them Nobel prizes and other recognition. Considered insane and shunned by the normal people, they trudged on and eventually their perseverance paid off.

Nowadays, with all the internet frenzy, the weird have a lot of platforms to showcase their oddness. And the public seems to have caught on. Eccentric individuals are no longer demeaned by the community. Some even applaud their strange videos online, making them viral in just a matter of minutes. The normal people have accepted the weird. And it’s about time. In a matter of decades, there will come a time when the unconventional shall be the majority and we will be ruled by ingenious, clever, non-judgmental human beings who will heal our planet, unite us all together again as brothers and sisters, and invent laws that shall hopefully banish all hate and war. The term “outside the box” will then cease to exist. And the weird will be the new normal.

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