The Tailless Cub


Leola the Tailless Cub is a touching and sweet story for children to empathize with how it feels to “be different”. It aims to help children develop self-esteem and embrace their individual differences.

Leola is a happy tiger cub who realizes she is not like everyone else. She struggles to understand this concept until one day she meets someone who helps her to see things differently. Through a chance meeting with a panther, Leola learns that being different is exciting and wonderful.


Excerpts 1:

Leola was a young tiger cub who lived in a rock dwelling with her mother, Malika, a great tigress; her sister, Hanna; and brother, Mico.


Excerpts 2:

“It’s nice to be different from everyone else, don’t you agree?”


Excerpts 3:

Be proud of who you are and always remember you’re perfect just the way you are!

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